Rebecca and Mason’s Rustic but Elegant Wedding

If our great grandparents or even just grandparents could see the wedding decor of the day, I am sure they would think our 21st century brides were a little confused, mixing weathered and worn out pieces of their generation with pieces of sophistication. Old window sashes, hay loft ladders and rusted barb wire with gold gilt frames and vintage lace would never have shared the same venue in their lifetime. Although, many of us have fallen head over heels for this mismatched look. Not to mention the influence the upcycled and recycled movement has made in this trend of decorating, coining the term ‘Rustic Elegance’

Rebecca and Mason were less than excited about having their reception in a very industrial space, but with a guest list of over 500 people, their options were very limited in town. 

They both dreamed of having their reception in an old barn or at least at a venue with rustic charm. Based on their guest list, the only feasible option did not encompass the rustic old barn feel. We instantly reassured the couple the space could be transformed into that old barn feel they desired. Rustic backdrops were built (thanks to Rebeccas’s dad) to create focal points around the room.  We went right to work creating vignette’s of old furniture around the backdrops.  Old cable spools enhanced the character of the event and were used for serving appetizers and as the cake table which we added an old door trio and a chandelier as a backdrop. We also provided table top centerpieces with old mason jars and gorgeous cut flowers. With the use of uplighting and low lighting the industrial space transformed into the rustic space of their dreams!

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